Sunday, February 27, 2011

ABC's of me!

I love stuff like this!  I can't resist when I see it floating around Blogger Land, I just have to participate. 

Age:  46
Bed size:  Queen
Chore you hate:  Name it
Dogs:  Boomer
Essential start of your day:  Coffee
Favorite color:  Pink
Gold or silver:  Platinum please
Height:  5'4"
Instruments I play:  Clarinet through 6th grade
Job title:  Sales Specialist
Kids:  Sara and Loren
Live:  Fremont, CA
Mom's name:  Alice
Nicknames:  Jo, JoJo, Mommy, Honey
Overnight hospital stays:  Unfortunately, yes
Pet peeve:  Rude people
Quote from a movie:  "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"
Right or left handed:  Dominantly right but I eat left handed
Siblings:  3 very big brothers (6'0" to 6'6")
Time you wake up:  Anywhere from 5:15 to 9:00 (this morning)  :)
Underwear:  Always matches outerwear
Vegetable you dislike:  Cooked carrots
What makes you run late:  Hair not cooperating
X-rays you have had done:  Now that I think about it, probably every single part of my body
Yummy food you make:  Cake!
Zoo animal:  Apes.  I can *so* relate to them.

Share your ABC's with me.  Or, do we have any that are the same?


Lisa said...

age & essential start of day same. plus i'm a lefty and eat left handed. :-)

Aka Alice said...

I love these things too! (We have THAT in common)...I also start the day with coffee, hate all chores, dislike rude people, and your mom's name and my Nickname are the same!

Irene said...

"Nobody puts baby in a corner!"

Julie said...

I loved your answer to U.

If my underwear matched my outerwear, I would be arrested.


Silver or gold? " Platinum"
I going to have to throw a flag on that one.... move back 5 spaces and try again :)

DaysRun said...

Loved your answers. I, too, have to have coffee to start my day.

Aron said...

I JUST said nobody puts baby in the corner the other day. Seriously the best movie, I have so many memories that involve that one :) love all your answers!

Katie A. said...

LOVED THIS! You're too cute!
I'm a platinum girl too, not gold for me ;)
Hope I get to see you soon! There is a trail Brazen race at Mt. Diablo next month I think I'm doing, you?

Julie said...

Whoops! I meant if my outerwear matched my underwear (aka: commando)
- sorry for that one, Jo Lynn. That WAS confusing ;D

trailturtle said...

It's interesting that you eat left-handed. Did you learn to eat that way or did you choose to switch at some point? Sorry to hear you got sick and couldn't run Chabot. I wanted to do that one, too...
Run well, Ann