Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take the good with the bad

Our computer took a dump late last week.  For those that don't know, Keith and I own a business and run it out of our home.  We've had this business for 20 years now.  We use Quickbooks and Lotus Smart Suite Organizer to help us.  Well, the mother board died so we decided it wasn't worth saving.  We had to buy a new desk top computer, which was quick and easy.  Unfortunately our version of Quickbooks doesn't jive with Windows 7 which is on our new computer.  So we had to go buy a new version of Quickbooks.  It is TOTALLY different than our old version.  We don't have a calendar/schedule on the new computer now and are having a hell of a time finding a simple little calendar to put on this computer.  Once again I need to input all of our customer information.  At least this time we have the external hard drive so I can get the information easily.  It's just very time consuming to enter it all.  Fun times!

I got out for a marvelous run with Boomer Sunday morning.  It was early, it was cold, and it was foggy.  We ran for about 45 minutes, completing 3.75 miles.  It was a perfect run with no IT pain and no foot pain. 

Monday morning Erin and I planned on meeting for the 9:15 a.m. spin class.  Last time I went to a 9:15 class, the instructor was five minutes late and I was told this was normal because she drops her kids off at school and then has to drive in.  I wasn't worried about getting there any earlier than 8:55.  As I was walking toward the door, Erin was walking out.  She told me the class was full.  GAH!  I was so irritated with myself.  I forgot it was a holiday!  Instead of just going home though, Erin and I got on a couple of stationary bikes and set it on a hill climbing program for 50 minutes.  Yay us! 

Tuesday morning I ran around the neighborhood with Boomer before work.  I do love my early morning runs with him.  I'm learning I don't care where or how far they are.  I enjoy each and every one and will probably never take a single one for granted.

All in all, the bad really isn't *that* bad but the good, I find, is exceptional. 

MED2011 Accountability:
01/16 - 3.75 mile run
01/17 - 50 minute stationary bike, 2 mile walk, Body Pump class
01/18 - 2.25 mile run, "CAMP24" class

Until later.............


Lily on the Road said...

Way to improvise! Stationary hills are just as good or better than a "monitored" spin class.

Have you tried Google calendar? I'm not certain it has what you need or is what your tax calendar requires, but it is worth a shot and it does jive with Windows 7.

thanks for the photo's, you and Boomer always look so happy!

Runners Fuel said...

I love early morning runs. On the weekends, I'll get up at 6am (that's early for me) and go running. I love running in the fog, too!

Julie said...

Hubs and I also run our own business out of our home. We're going on 11 years. Not sure that it has been the best thing for our marriage, but we've sure been able to spend A LOT of time together :-)

Lisa said...

The fog makes your running venue look a bit mysterious. Which is actually pretty cool.

Run on!

Marathon Maritza said...

I can't wait to have a doggy to share my runs with, you make them sound so lovely and zen.

Glad you have no foot/IT pain!!!

Marci said...

Glad you are enjoying some pain-free runs!

Aron said...

I am in love with all this fog :) and love those pics!! Glad you are running pain free!

The Green Girl said...

That last shot is incredible. Wow.

Ewa said...

Bummer about computer issues.
Love your foggy runs and glad to hear your foot is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

my comp died late last year and it's a bummer! sorry you have to transfer all that info :(

love the foggy pics! :)

Hi! My name is bookgirl. said...

Ah yes, that's Boomer you showed me at the gym! My facebook pg is See you later! ~H