Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coastal Trail Runs Mount Diablo Half Marathon - September 19, 2010

In case you didn't know, I don't race.  I run for fun.  If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it.  I will also admit that having fun company is *always* part of my success in finishing the organized runs I do. 

That being said, how lucky was I to get this company last Sunday?  That's right - RBR (Stacey) herself.  She ran a 50k a week before this run and it blistered her feet horribly.  But, being the great friend she is, she agreed to come help me along.  The fact that she had never been to Mount Diablo did make her decision a bit easier.

Along with the half marathon this day, Coastal Trail Runs was also having a four  mile, 10-mile, marathon and ultra-marathon (50k).  We all started at 8:00 am and followed along the same course for the first five miles.  The first two miles was a slight, steady incline.  We ran for a while until Stacey's shins became on fire.  We started hiking and ran when she felt well enough.  But, as luck would have it - as soon as her shins stretched out, the steep climbs started.  From mile two to the summit was 99% steep with a few yards that were runnable.  There is over 3,800 feet of climb in this "run".  We did the best we could but stopped as often as we wanted to take pictures and enjoy the views. 

You see, this run was on my "bucket list" for more than one reason.  Last year I did two organized runs on Mount Diablo.  The first one was a marathon which I absolutely LOVED!  The second one was a 25k that took me DOWN!  I really wanted to get that "loving feeling" back about Mount Diablo.  I did it!

So anyway, back to the run.

After the aid station at mile five we got to enjoy some beautiful single track trails.  Tough single track but beautiful none-the-less. 

We wound our way through to the summit.  Where it was completely socked in with fog.  Great!  Luckily on the way up we stopped quite a bit to take in the beautiful views because there was nothing to see from the top.  We asked someone to take a couple photos of us and we turned around to start our way back down to Mitchell Canyon. 

I was a bit concerned about Stacey's blisters at this point because they were on the balls of her feet and the next 6.9 miles were going to be 99% downhill.  But, as she does, she accompanied me for every step of the way back down the hill.  What took us two hours and 45 minutes to get up took us one hour and 10 minutes to get down.  We finished in 4:22 - a minute behind the first female marathon finisher.  Yes, you read that right.  But like Stacey says in her report, we're used to it.  If you question this, refer back to paragraph 1.  :)

We may be slower but I guarantee we saw a lot more than she did!!!  Here's some more pictures for you to enjoy.

Happy girls at the finish

I am just back from a two day Disneyland trip with Sara.  Walking around yesterday, my quads were KILLING me from all the downhill running.  They are feeling much better today and I will hopefully get a run in tomorrow morning before work.

"MED2010" Accountability:
09/19 - 14 mile trail run
09/20 - 2.75 mile walk
09/21 - 10 hours of walking at Disneyland
09/22 - 3 hours of walking at Downtown Disney

Until later.............


Ewa said...

I am glad you love Mount Diablo again even though it ripped your quads.
Love your pictures and keep thinking that I need to go back there one of these weekends.

Lisa said...

I am so envious. Looks beautiful!!

Next year, I think you should invite me to join you on this one (maybe the 10 mile version). I'd love to come out and do it! And it would give me an excuse to check in on the boy up in Berk.

Johann said...

One of my favorite posts ever! I love taking photos on the trails and lose several minutes because of this in trail races I do, but I get to enjoy the scenery. I think I mentioned before that Mount Diablo is on my list as well. I’m just so far away. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I was so lucky on my 50km race I had no problems with my feet. No blisters or not even a little pain or anything.

trailmomma said...

Unbelievable. Absolutely gorgeous and what a fun time you both had!! I have been to Mt. Diablo once, only to bike up it (ugh) but it definitely is on my bucket list to run some day.

These photos make it look amazing.

Great report, great run and I am so happy you had a fun time with your friend!!

Runners Fuel said...

I'm thinking about camping / hiking mt. diablo next weekend! I'm so excited! Glad you liked it.

RBR said...

I love that you make it sound like it was not me that slowed you down, because you so know it was!

Thank you again for a great run. My quads were FRIED from that downhill as well!

Glad you had fun in Disneyland!

Katie A. said...

So jealous of you two!
Did I mention you look like sisters? YOU DO!
Nice work - I love running trail races/runs like that ;) When you're all healed you will have to take me there!

Stuart said...

Love you opening statement!

And great job in having fun!

That's one fugly spider!

aron said...

looks like a blast as always! I MUST get on that mountain one of these days soon :)

Sarah Lavender Smith said...

Great job! It was fun seeing you out there, and I love your pics. Glad you got the one of the tarantula; I almost stepped on one, too. I also saw an incredible bobcat on Wall Point. Next time I see you at a race, I'll know it's you and stop to say hi :-)

Amy said...

Congratulation, you are doing good, nice run there. I love the post so cool, it detailed every moment of the run. Nice!!!


Kris said...

Well done! Looks like you had a great time, the pics are awesome. Too bad the peak was socked in with fog, but still some gorgeous views on the way up!

Looney said...

I have always had a bad impression of the scenery on mount Diablo, but your photos are making it enticing.

Glenn Jones said...

Cool pictures JoLynn. Thanks for sharing them. An it's so cool that you were able to enjoy the wildlife along the way!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

That spider would have had me running fast! yikes. Glad you guys had fun! Nice trails.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Love the photos!! It looks so beautiful...minus that spider, well she was beautiful too from a safe distance.