Monday, September 20, 2010

Running, running and more running!

I know people in Blogger world don't sit around and read blogs on weekends but if I don't post now then after tomorrow I will have too much for one blog post.

I'm filled up with carbohydrates from my pasta dinner last night.  I had my normal pre-race salmon and sweet potato dinner tonight.  This can only mean one thing.  Tomorrow I run a trail half-marathon!!  On Mount Diablo!  Yes, one more thing off my bucket list.

The surgery date is getting closer and closer.  As it should, right?  Less than two weeks now - 13 days to be exact.

As I told you in my previous post, I put Boomer on a diet Sunday.  I am proud to report, as of Thursday he had lost one pound.  He's now at 38 pounds.  He has three more to lose.  ;)

Last week I did a lot of fun stuff and crossed one thing off my bucket list.  I ran in the Oakland hills at Joaquin Miller Park.  I invited Leanne and she answered with a very enthusiastic "HELL YEAH!"  This girl has become addicted quite fond of trail running in the past month.  Who can blame her though.  Just look at the places I've taken her.  She said this park has been her favorite, as far as scenery goes.

This morning I got to run with Kristi at my beloved Garin.  She had a 50-60 minute fun trail run on her training schedule so she asked me to join her.  I love that she asks ME to go out with her on these runs.  She and Boomer have a nice little bond, it's fun to watch. 

It was sprinkling on our entire run.  This is Boomer's absolute favorite kind of surface to run on - soft and damp.  We rounded a corner and saw a bunch of turkeys on the road.  He took off running to clear the road for us.  Some of the turkeys took off running while others took to the sky.  Boomer kind of looks like a jack rabbit here, doesn't he?  If you enlare the picture, you can see the turkeys.

Kristi and I had to stop a few times to remove mud, yes mud, from the bottom of our shoes.  At times it felt like we were wearing high heels. 

After our run I came home and got ready for work.  My head was hurting last night when I went to bed and it was still hurting this morning.  Interesting though, I didn't notice it when I was running.  Anyway, I had to work at 9:45.  I took some Advil at about 11:00 and ate a snack at work.  At 2:30 I took my lunch break and ate some of my lunch.  My head was still pounding and it had moved into my neck and shoulders.  I was scheduled to work until 5:00 but ended up leaving work at 3:10.  I was worried it was going to turn into a migraine and I didn't have my medication with me.  I came home and slept for a good 90 minutes in our recliner with a kitty-cat on my chest.  When I woke up it was finally gone.  Thank God!  I'm sure this is just stress related. 

I did sucker talk this girl into running with me at Mount Diablo tomorrow so you know I will have good pictures and stories to tell you afterwards.  It's always so fun to suffer with her!

"MED2010" Accountability:
09/14 - Pilates, 1.5 mile walk, "24SET"
09/15 - 7 mile trail run
09/16 - Pilates, 2 mile walk, "24SET"
09/17 - 2 mile walk
09/18 - 3.75 mile trail run

Until later............


Lisa said...

Great photos! Have fun at the half.

And once again, I'm checking blogs/email from my phone while waiting for the dogs during one of their middle of the night potty breaks. Lol!

AshleyR said...

Congrats to Boomer for losing a pound. We spent the summer getting all three dogs to lose weight. Our 12 yr old jack russell needed to lose 3 lbs to help ease the pains from osteoarthritis. He is so much happier now that he is back at a proper weight.

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

hooray for boomer :)

Pigeon said...

Sounds like a great run.

Maybe Boomer can treach Toby a thing or two about going after turkeys.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Looney said...

I don't remember ever getting mud around here in September. Have fun on Mount Diablo.

Johann said...

Great run and pictures! Mud gets heavy after a while so I always try to remove as much as possible. Mount Diablo is on my bucket list as well but I’m so far from there that I’ll have to wait and see what the future brings.

Runners Fuel said...

Yay Boomer!! Beautiful trail pics!

aron said...

i bet it was beautiful on mt diablo yesterday :) such a nice day to be there! hope you had so much fun :)

Lisa said...

i saw photos from mt diablo on RBR's blog. beautiful! maybe next year you should invite me. hint hint.

Katie A. said...

Love the phots! That Boomer is such a gentleman :) And congrats to him for loosing a pound! He's doing better than me!

I already know you two crazy ladies had a blast! Congrats on tackling that crazy race!

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. Beautiful photos. Thakns for taking and sharing them.

Marathon Maritza said...

Gorgeous run! You are kicking butt on working out, 24Set is tough!!

PunkRockRunner said...

To be perfectly clear, I am available for Bay Area Trail runs… Hint!!

All the best,


Stuart said...

Pictures look awesome!

Muddy shoes...yep that time is a'comin'!