Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August totals and camping photos

What do you know?  We all survived our camping trip at Clark Fork in Stanislaus National Forest and we had everything we needed.  Sara, Sterling and Bella went home on Saturday night because they were staying in a tent and there was a "slight chance of thunderstorms".  Okay, it rained a little bit during the night but there was no thunderstorm.

I got in some hiking, walking, mountain biking AND running!  The majority of this was spent with Boomer.  The girls went on one three mile hike with me and started complaining at .31/mile.  Oh yes, it was fun.  Needless to say, I didn't mind them not joining me on the rest of the activities I found FUN.  :)

We all agreed on the "around the campfire" fun.  Keith taught me how to make kindling from a log.

We charbroiled roasted marshmallows. This is how I like them.

We dressed up Bella

Keith and I found Disaster Creek Trailhead and took a little hike.  I am happy to say Keith did not complain on our hike.  Boomer was in heaven (as was I) with all the beautiful single track trails.

On the final morning, Boomer and I went out for a short three mile run along the river.  It was so nice and peaceful and definitely made the drive home a lot easier for Boomer, and essentially, us.

My "MED2010" Accountability since my last post:
08/24 - 2 mile walk
08/25 - 4 mile trail run
08/26 - 3.25 mile trail run
08/27 - 3 mile hike, 7 mile mountain bike ride
08/28 - 2 mile hike, 3 mile walk
08/29 - 3 mile trail run
08/30 - Yoga class
08/31 - 4 mile run
09/01 - 2.25 mile walk

Now, my totals for August:
Running: 51 miles
Walking:  34.15 miles
Hiking:  10 miles
Biking:  117 miles
Classes:  12

Tomorrow I am taking a train and a boat to an island for a run with a friend.  Jealous?  You should be!!  :)

Until later.............


Lisa said...

As for others complaining on the hard as it is to fathom how anyone could not enjoy hiking in the beautiful outdoors, it seems a lot of people don't. Their loss! :-)

I notice that you separate walking from hiking in your totals. I've thought about doing that too, but I can't decide where the dividing line is on some of my walks. For example, walking TO my hill seems like walking. Getting up and down the hill seems like hiking. Oh well.

Ewa said...

It's beautiful there! How I wish we had a couple more weeks of summer to go there.
May I have your marshmallow? I understand charcoal is good for tummy issues, no kidding. I like marshmallows black too. :)

Andrew Opala said...

lovely ... good thing you didn't dress the marshmallow and roast the dog!

Runners Fuel said...

Beautiful trails! I can't wait to go camping, it's one of my favorite things to do during summer time!

Irene said...

Bella looks like she's not so sure about making a fashion statement!

It looks like a wonderful trip!