Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A very Tri-ing decision

I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I had a plan. I thought I knew what I wanted. GAH!

Then I began thinking too much!

A couple of weeks ago, I sent an email to my friend Lisa (Lisa's Ironman Training Log), seeking encouragement to complete a challenging sprint triathlon on May 23rd. (Auburn, CA Triathlon - Half-Iron, Sprint and Duathlon*) In perfect friendship fashion, she gave me all the encouragement I needed. She told me I had plenty of time to train for this event but I really needed to work with my bike on the hills. No problem! I need to get some open water swimming experience as well. Bleh! I haven't been in ANY water since my triathlon in SEPTEMBER. Problem? Perhaps. But, maybe not. I know I can swim and I liked it when I was doing a bunch of it last summer.

I was "this close" to signing up for Auburn. I was reading about the swim course, the bike course and the run course. I was watching the videos and looking at photos from previous years. I began thinking that I could stay overnight at my Dad's in Sacramento the night before and maybe, just maybe, he'd want to come and watch me. Maybe I would finally hear "I'm proud of you" come out of his mouth. Then I thought maybe he would say no, he wasn't interested in standing around, waiting for me to come back into the area for a few minutes during transition. All these childhood insecurities started coming back up. Was I wanting to do this as a way of seeking approval from my Dad? In some strange way, I believe deep down, I was. I was having trouble getting these thoughts out of my head. Suddenly, I didn't want to do Auburn anymore. Why do I need to do an overnight stay for a little sprint triathlon anyway, right? It just started to become too big of an ordeal.

I figured there had to be something closer that I can do this year. So, I started looking at a few different triathlon calendars and I decided I would like to an Olympic distance triathlon this year.

I have decided on this Olympic distance triathlon in June: USA Productions Events*

But first, I will do this sprint triathlon in May: USA Productions Events*

Now I wonder, should I join a triathlon club, such as SVTC to help me with training?

Should I rent a wet suit or just buy one? Do I get a Zoot, Orca, Tyr, Blue Seventy? Full sleeve? No sleeve? I definitely need one because I have to start getting into open water as soon as the temperature permits.

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MED2010 Accountability:
01/17 - 2 mile walk
01/18 - 3 mile run
01/19 - "24SET" class at the gym
01/20 - "Camp24" class at the gym

Until later.............


theresa said...

I think that joining a tri club would be FUN first of all and also provide additional motivation for training. Do it!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

JoLynn, are we sisters and have the same father!!!! I get it! This could have been written about my marathon attempt too!

I rented my first wetsuit, knew I'd be doing more, so figured I'd buy one. The LRS took my rental fee off of my purchase price since it was in the same calendar year. It was a $500 deposit to rent, so I just felt better owning my own.

As far as the links go, on the tool bar there is an icon that looks like a little chainlink.... highlight the words you want to appear as your link, click that icon, and voila! (If you don't see one that looks like a chainlink, there should be one that says Link).

So excited to see how your tri year unfolds, I think I want to do an Olympic this year too!! :D:D:D

Judi said...

hey girlie-

you are so much like me when it comes to our dads. only i gave up the thought of him saying he was proud of me, years ago.

anyways, you totally have the fitness for an OLY girl! you just gotta ride more. that's it. and get in the pool again.

i have an orca sleeveless suit. how cold are your temps there? if the water temps are under 60, i'd go with a full sleeve.

hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhh decisions, decisions!!! well, I'm glad we've been able to collaborate a bit and will be able to do a few more tris together! It's always nice having a friendly face out there and now we cna do some training rides/runs together :)

Glenn Jones said...

I think you're thinking too much. But, I know the feeling becuase I do the same! Shall we both take a cue from Nike? "Just do it!"

Lily on the Road said...


you can't train and stress at the same time. You've made the right decision.


trailmomma said...

A Tri-Club might 1. get you motivated to train when you need it most, 2. have info and discounts on wetsuit rentals through local shops and 3. give you all the support mentally and physically you'll need.

I did the VineMan Half Ironman quite a few years ago and had to really train hard for that one. I trained by riding my bike in Auburn. NOT ideal. It was hell. But I do recommend riding up Mt. Diablo in the heat of your training. Great workout.

It depends on the water re: a wetsuit. I have rented AND purchased. I can no longer fit into the one I purchased (sigh). I hate wetsuits though. Too constricting for me but if I HAVE to, I get the sleeveless kind.

I'd rent and try a few out before making that big purchase.

You're awesome for signing up regardless! I can't wait to hear all about it!

aron said...

sounds like you made the right decisions for you :) i think a triclub would be so fun!!! i hope to be able to come spectate at least one of these!

Missy said...

Wetsuits - do NOT go cheap (unless you're looking at used). Cheap will not allow you to move the way you need to move in your arms and shoulders in particular. I bought and sold my first wetsuit for that reason - great deal but it sucked ass. Used is the way to go if you can find a high end one in your size - size is key. I would go to a tri shop (certainly there's gobs of them in CA) and get fitted so you really know your true size. For example, I'm a small-medium man, not woman, apparently.

trailturtle said...

Insightful decision. Do what feels right in your heart and what YOU want to do for YOU, not for praise but for accomplshment, exploration, adventure...then you'll be fine no matter what happens. Sure wish swimming came as easily for me as it does for you! Have fun, Ann

PunkRockRunner said...

I completed my first IM70.3 with a borrowed wetsuit (big mistake). For my second, I purchased an Xterra wetsuit (full sleeve) and I love it.

I would strongly recommend the Xterra brand. They have great customer service and I always see awesome deals online ($200.00 for my suit).

You're going to do great!

All the best,


Looney said...

All my wetsuit choices have left me badly chaffed. Guess that was due to going cheap, but I am afraid to invest more.

LDub said...

auburn will miss your trail running awesomeness....but the san jose international is a HOT (as in popular) tri! AND YOU UPPED THE ANTY IN DISTANCE! YOU GO GIRL!

and.....i'm sure you know this, but you got the BIG DADDY (you wear around your neck) proud of you...and man, all these bloggers agree too!

René said...

I think it's great you're going for the Olympic Tri! Signing up is great incentive to training, and there are tons of events year round right in our backyard. I would love to do a hilly ride with you one of these days.