Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"MED2010" Accountability

After the Angel Island run on Sunday I got home just in time to shower and get to work by 5:00 p.m. to do inventory until midnight. Needless to say, yesterday I was in desperate need of a nap. A nice long nap. A couple of my animals were quite happy about this.

It rained here in the bay area last night but when I woke up this morning it was gone. This allowed me to gather up my two favorite dogs (Boomer and Bella) and drive out to Sunol Regional Wilderness Park for a hike. This made this little guy extremely happy!

There is nothing like the fresh smell rain leaves on the ground and the trees. The ground was very soft and the dogs had a TON of fun running all around, chasing each other through the grass. They burned off a lot of energy together and I had a blast watching them. They can be quite entertaining. It was a great 90-minute hike, I will say.

best buds for life
My commitment to "Move Every Day in 2010" is going GREAT! There were a few days when I honestly would not have done anything if it weren't for my commitment to this, so that makes me feel good. ;)
Here's how the first 12 days went:
01 - class at the gym
02 - hike 3.5 miles
03 - cycle 15 miles
04 - run 3 miles
05 - snow ski 5.5 hours
06 - snow ski 5 hours
07 - run 3 miles
08 - walk 2.5 miles
09 - walk 2.5 miles
10 - run 10 miles
11 - walk 2 miles
12 - hike 4 miles AND 30 minutes on an eliptical trainer at the gym
How are you doing?
Until later.............


Shannon said...

Keep moving..... :)

Dan said...

My favorite time to nap is after a long run. Good luck with you MED goal.

chris mcpeake said...

The after a long run nap is a must.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

awww, snuggle time with Boomer, great pics again! Great job with your goal JoLynn!

Judi said...

i love that pic of you and boomer. so jealous you get to ski so well! if only i could afford another sport....

Irene said...

It's funny how the critters just know when you need a nap, they want to snuggle up with you, too. :) It must have been a good nap!

Aka Alice said...

I was moving every day...until today. Does packing count?

Don't worry. I'll wear a helmet :-)

René said...

Way to go! Sometimes we don't realize how active we are until we see it in print.

Judi said...

do your dogs ever run off?

Tricia said...

Youre doing great!

Enjoy your weekend!