Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moving along.....

Just my luck. Last week I had four days off and it rained every single day. I did squeeze in that run on Friday, which was awesome. I worked the last three days, all day, and it hardly rained at all. Go figure. I was off today and when I woke up, IT WAS RAINING! Ugh. I actually went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 10:30. I saw a break in the rain this afternoon and took off with Boomer for a run. We were able to get four miles in without getting too wet. I was very grateful for the four miles.
Tonight Keith and I went to a class at the gym. Yup, he's still going with me. This is week #3. And, get this - he went to a class on Sunday ALL BY HIMSELF because I had to work. Impressive, right?! Tonight I was able to do 44 push-ups without stopping. The instructor said we were going to do them for 60 seconds (as we always do) but I think I started before she started counting. It doesn't matter though, I still did 44 push-ups! Yes, I do them on my knees but I make sure to go all the way down, I don't cheat.
Tomorrow we are going to Tahoe to ski for the day. Another free ski day for REI employees. We have a good size group going from our store. Should be a lot of fun! There's a TON of new snow up there.
MED2010 Accountability:
01/23 - 2 mile walk
01/24 - 3 mile walk
01/25 - 1.5 mile walk
01/26 - 4 mile run, "24SET" class at the gym
Until later.............


Shannon said...

Your baby boy is adorable! Keep it up sista, I love that you stay moving. ;)


Nice job! 44 push ups? I might be able to do 10 in a minute.

Lisa said...

stupid rain!

you did great anyway.

and 44 pushups - that rocks! woot!

trailturtle said...

Have fun skiing...guess the ton of snow is the positive of all that rain!

Irene said...

I know I've said before, but I really need to check out jobs at REI. :)

Just curious, what do you wear to run in the rain?

I love the pics you take with your pups!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

44 pushups! AWESOME!
I am jealous about your skiing.

Aka Alice said...

What ^^she^^ said!

44 pushups? Girl or otherwise. If I'm doing them correctly, which is unlikely, I can do about 5.

Did I tell you I was skiing at Alpine Meadows when I was at Tahoe?

Have a great ski day. I am jealous!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I found my way to your blog via, who else but Tall Mom (Mel).

I am doing my first completely trail marathon (maybe 50k) in early March. I have run 12 marathons but never a dirt trail marathon. Do you have any advise to offer from you love to trail running? Thanks.

I look forward to catching up on all things Jo Lynn ~ single track junkie over the weekend.

Missy said...

OK, I crack up every time I see Boomer because he looks like he's posing and smiling for the camera saying - is this my good side momma?

Anne said...

Rain can really put a damper on good intentions :) ...sorry had to say it. Great job on the 44 pushups...I am so not there!

Tricia said...

Such a cute picture!

René said...

Wow 44 pushups! Next week, 50! And way to go Keith! Soon he will get a blog too. ;-) Cutest pic ever.