Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dissed by the doctor

The medical assistant to the orthopedist I was scheduled to see today left a message on my home phone last night, notifying me that my appointment had to be moved. I never use my home phone. The only people that call my home phone are those that I don't really care to talk to. Therefore, I never check to see if that little red light is blinking on my home phone's answering machine. I didn't notice it until 12:54 this afternoon. D'OH!!! Apparently she had to do an emergency surgery today. Whatever! I have a new appointment Friday afternoon, before work.

I was told on Monday, by the IMD, I should avoid "high impact" exercises such as running. Being the junkie that I am, I cannot NOT go out to a park when I have a chance and the weather is BEE-U-TEE-FUL! Yesterday, I took Boomer and my daughter's dog Bella to Garin for a five mile hike.

I usually don't go up these stairs, only down them. Yesterday I made a few trips up and down them. It's not "high impact" but can still get the heart goin' pretty good.

Early this morning (because I had a 2:45 appointment), my neighbor Jana and I took Boomer and Bella up to Lake Chabot in Castro Valley to do the inner 8.5 mile loop. One of her doggies, Spike, hurt his eye last week when we were out at Sunol. (Sunol seems to take a dog victim, every time we go there). He's got a cone on his head now. She didn't want to just take Izzie because that would have made Spike quite sad.

Jana actually got Bella to swim!!! It was very exciting. Bella was retrieving sticks for Jana. My daughter was sad she wasn't there to see her baby swim for the first time. Poor girl is working out of town for these two days. At least I have photos to show her.

I'm having to tape up my ankle again, thanks to the pregnant IMD sitting on it the other day. Damn, it's like a new sprain all over again. I still can't believe she did that. The pain in my knee is not constant at this point. When I first get up off a chair, it's hard to put my heel flat on the floor. If I push in on the inner portion of my knee, oh boy, that hurts. I avoid doing that. ;) Sometimes, for no reason at all, a sharp pain comes and lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. It's like a pinching sensation. I guess we'll know more on Friday.
Until later.............


aron said...

haha i never check my house phone either. and we dont have a blinky light anymore, you have to pick it up to listen to the dial tone to know if there is a message. ha :)

omgosh i need to take kylie and emma to that lake!! emma LOVES fetching out of the water :) seriously MUST go soon. maybe next weekend!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

i'm sure the ortho will twist and turn your knee and such to figure out exactly what causes the pain so it can be fixed.

i had a similar thing happen to me wrt a cardiology appts last fall. they called my HOME number to tell me an afternoon appts was cancelled. but I was at work...and never got it. grrrr

RunningLaur said...

I'm glad you got out on the trails, even if you are forbidden from running. The stairs look like a lot of fun, even if they are a challenge!

Irene said...

Ugh. Sorry your ankle is bugging you, but gorgeous pictures! Your pup looks like she's having a great time. We've had some great weather on our end of the state, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

RU is - the place I have sports therapy at, and B is for Bryan Hill, my PT

I suppose I should have a reference link on my blog somewhere. For the longest time I only had two readers... LOL.

Stuart said...

Home the corner dusty and ignored!

Your knee's not sounding too clever! Hopefully Friday you'll get some answers.

Beautiful pics as always!

Missy said...

I will kick that IMD's ass for you, just let me know. I'm telling ya a sprained ankle is no joke. Mine was 12/31/08 and it still hurts and is a little swollen at times. Really!?!

Best of luck with the new MD, hopefully better. Love the dog pix.

Marlene said...

That place looks so amazing. I wish we had something like that close to home. Actually, we probably do and I just don't know about it!

That sucks about your ankle! WTF!

Hoping your knee feels better soon.

Kristin said...

That sucks about the doctor messing up your foot, cant believe she did that either! Heal well :)

Love the photos...soooo pretty.

AKA Alice said...

That's so funny. My husband and I were just talking about getting rid of the home phone (since we all have cell phones now, and the only people who call the house phone are sales calls and people who really don't want to talk to us...who only want to leave a message).

Yikes about the knee! I hate it when doctors call to cancel.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get a good answer today from your doc. Good luck.

Judi said...

the dogs are having so much fun. it is beautiful there. i hope you get your knee issues figured out. i pretty much depend on chiro, massage and acupunture for injuries.

Serious Running:Chris Barber said...

I'm sorry to hear about your injuries. Have you found that hiking instead of running has been able to maintain your running shape?

Jo Lynn said...

Yup, I think it does a pretty good job of maintaining it. I still hike pretty fast and run down hills. I just don't run on the flat portions right now. ;)