Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mendocino Anniversary Ride & Run

Keith and I went to Mendocino for three days to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Here is a bunch of pictures with a few words to share with you, what a great time we had.

We drove up Hwy 101 and cut across to Hwy 1 on Hwy 128.  Hwy 128 was a windy, two lane road with tons of these:

 We stayed at this place:

 Which is a "farm house" in Little River, across Hwy 1 from here:

 Two miles up Hwy 1 is actually where Mendocino is.  We drove up and took a long walk along the coast.

 Watched the sun set.

 We had dinner at a little pub and went back to our room where we burned a log in our little fireplace.

 Pretty much called it an early night (in our HUGE comfy bed!)

 The next morning was our anniversary, we went for a bike ride.

 How appropriate that we found this bench.  <3

 We rode along the coastline for a lot of the ride.

 We rode out to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.

 That night we went out for a wonderful dinner where we got all dressed up.  I have no pictures of that though.  You'll just have to believe me. 

The final morning, I woke up extra early so I could go for a trail run.  There was a forest right outside our window, I saw a trail, and I wanted to know what it looked like.  Off I went! 
 Fifteen minutes later, I was looking at this.

 I took a turn and ran along the coastline for a while.

 45 minutes later, I was back on the trail to our room.  I literally could have ran out there all day long.  It was just beautiful.  Breath taking.  The sun had just come up and there was a chill in the air.  Perfect conditions for a run.

 We went to breakfast, packed up and took the long way home - driving down Hwy 1 all the way to Petaluma.  That part of the coast is just gorgeous.  We stopped a lot to take pictures.  Most of them look like this.

It was a wonderful get away for the two of us.  Another year of marriage celebrated.  20 years next year - Jamaica!

Until later.............


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!


You picked a pretty place to celebrate. Congrats!

Julie said...

What an awesome anniversary celebration. Those pictures are FANTASTIC!!!

René said...

That's awesome! Even better you are running and biking together. A couple that exercises together stays together. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. That's a dream get-away!

I'm glad you stopped by my blog. Missed your lovely pictures:-)

Johann said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos! Looks like you had the perfect time away.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Happy Anniversary!

So jealous of all those amazing views. So glad you took time away to celebrate.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Oh my. That looks like the dreamiest getaway ever. Congratulations on 19 years!!

Glenn Jones said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!

The Green Girl said...

Aw, happy anniversary. What a beautiful anniversary celebration. I loved loved loved all the photographs. So beautiful.