Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye Ellen.....

You and I had some great times together.  This day in particular, was the first "event" we trained for and did together - The Cinderella Challenge. 

You brought me back to life after my bunion surgery took me away from running for longer than I had anticipated.  You took me up mountains in the Bay Area that I had only seen while driving by on a freeway far, far below.  You and I completed my first full century (100-mile) ride.  Because of you I met a lot of friends that I enjoy riding with, still to this day.  I brought you out in freezing temperatures and some scorchers too.  You taught me how to climb hills efficiently, because you have so many gears to use.  I tipped over more than a few times on you but you never cracked and you always wiped yourself off and kept on rolling, even though it probably hurt a little bit.  You were more than patient with me when I learned to change your tire - two in one day, one time.  You held strong while I took you down roads FAST, one time at 55 mph.  Yeah, I never did that again.  Although, I knew with you, I could.  I loved buying clothes to match you and everyone recognized me, mainly because of you. 

Today I sold you to a very good friend of mine.  She's mainly a trail runner/hiker and world traveler but she wants to use you for commuting to work.  I watched her ride you around my neighborhood one day and I must say, she knows how to ride.  Please be good to her and show her the ropes roads.  Make her fall in love with you as much as I did. 

So, why did I get rid of a bike that I loved so much?  It was just time, that's all. 

Meet Candee, my new full carbon 2012 Cannondale Synapse.

With all the riding I'm doing these days, I felt it was time for an upgrade.  So far, I like her a lot.  I have the Shimano 105, which is the same as I had on Ellen so I didn't have to learn a new way to shift.  It is a compact double which is a little scary.  I have gone on two rides in the past week and I can tell, I'm going to like her a lot! 

I hope to have plenty of stories to tell that include her.

Until later.............


Ewa said...

Wish you many happy miles with Candee.

Now, what is a compact double? (See how much I know about bikes?)

Lisa said...

I ride a full carbon bike also, and really really like it a whole lot over aluminum. enjoy!

René said...

It's been fun to watch you become a cyclist! Ride on!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Nice tribute to a faithful bike. Sweet new Cannondale! She'll make for some smooth miles. enjoy!

Kate said...

My road bike has a compact double, too, and it's been an adjustment to lose those extra gears. Love the carbon, still hasn't gotten old to show people that I can pick it up with just two fingers. :)

Irene said...

Sweet new ride! Ellen served you well, though. I'm sure Candee will take you where you want to go. :)

Molly said...

Very pretty!!!

JKjaer said...

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The Green Girl said...

::waves goodbye to Ellen::

With her lime green handlebar tape, I thought she was Lexa for a second.