Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running no more?

I have been asked a lot lately,

"Are you not running anymore?"

"Are you done with running?"

"Are you just cycling now?"

"Why don't you run anymore?"

"Do you still run?" 

I think about this all the time.  What exactly *is* going on here?  Why don't I have a huge desire to run every day like I used to?  I walk a ton, I hike a lot.  I hardly run at all.

I will say that when I do run, I feel better than when I do anything else.  I have said many times, "Hands down, running is still my favorite!"  So, why don't I do it more?

When I had my foot surgery I was told I could run after eight weeks.  I could, but I couldn't do it for very far.  It was taking forever to build up my mileage and not running for the eight weeks was definitely showing up in my (lack of) cardio fitness level.  Sure, I got up to six miles on the flat creek trail within a month or so and then I was doing eight at Garin a month or so after that.  I even did an organized 10k event  and a 9k event as well.  But, I was a lot slower and it was a lot harder.

I got my bike checked out and tuned up and went for a ride.  What I discovered was that I could go longer on my bike right away.  Pedalling a bike was much easier on my foot than running was.  SO, naturally I decided to pick an event and train for it.  In the weeks of training I met some great women and it was fun to go further each week and see myself improve.  It was exciting to share this with my new friends too.  I found spin classes and got hooked on those too.  Basically, I could now cycle to keep myself in shape since I wasn't able to run as much as I used to.  Before I knew it, running was becoming more and more extinct in my life.

Until now.

I have a 10k run this Saturday and a little 5-miler in two weeks.  I'm looking forward to both.  Have I trained?  I think I can handle both of these without a problem.  I know my heart belongs to running and I'm not willing to give it up.  I may have to accept I won't be able to do as much as I used to when it comes to running.  Or maybe I will surprise myself and realize the break did my body some good and I will be better than ever.  One can hope, right?

I don't plan on giving up cycling yet though.  I have registered for another century in May and am looking at a 100k in July and will probably be doing the Marin Century in August. 

Thanks for listening.

"MED2011" Accountability:
04/19 - 1.25 mile walk, 2.75 mile walk
04/20 - 3 mile hike, Body Pump
04/21 - 60 minute bike ride, 1.25 mile walk
04/22 - 2.5 mile walk
04/23 - 3.25 mile hike
04/24 - 2 mile walk
04/25 - 1 mile walk, 2.5 mile walk
04/26 - 2.5 mile walk

Until later.............


trailturtle said...

Understand completely. Surprised you didn't gravitate to more cycling sooner, but, then running is still "the one" in your heart. My joints are dictating that I will likely have to return to mostly cycling in the future. May have to have your surgery, too.
Consider the Sequoia Century in early June sometime. Not easy (avg 8-9000 ft climbing) but incorporates some of the most beautiful climbs in the Bay Area (it was my first in the '80's).

Sorry will miss you again Sat. Hubby & I are doing the CTR one at BB and then hiking. Anything interesting the next weekend? Next trip hubby isn't with me, we should meet up mid-week for a hike. Have fun, Ann

Lisa said...

I think its great that you are so satisfied with cycling, walking, hiking. It is great to have alternatives that keep you happy. :-)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Not surprised, once running is in your heart it's hard to shake it loose. I think the variety of workouts are better for you plus you are enjoying everything you are doing!

trailmomma said...

Good for you for having variety. I think that is healthy and what I plan on doing after this kid arrives. You don't have to tell me about about how losing your cardio and fitness level makes ya feel! :)

Goodluck at your upcoming races.

The Green Girl said...

I agree, more power to you for expanding your exercise options - and enjoying them at the same time!

Irene said...

That's great how the cycling became something you really enjoy, but you also have an awesome bike. I think I need to (someday) invest in an equally awesome bike and then I might enjoy cycling. Variety is a good thing!

Joanie said...

From a medical point of view, you will last longer if you mix it up. Staying active no matter how you do it, is what matters, but you know all of this already!

You inspire me!!