Monday, May 2, 2011

Spike's Hike

Remember this?  Miracles DO happen!

Well, he's back and as strong as he ever was.  I still can't believe he's alive. 

Jana is living in the area for a few months which means I get to see her and the big black dogs again.

Here's a quick recap of our hike a few days ago.

Oh yay, a stick

Get it good and balanced

Oh no, I can't make it over this tiny bridge

Phew, went under it!

C'mon, there's another obstacle up there

Open, please

Up the hill we go

Still got it!

He continued to carry that darn branch until we got to the final gate.

I laughed and laughed so hard during our hike.  It was awesome.

Welcome back, SPIKE!!!

"MED2011" Accountability:
04/27 - 1.65 mile walk, Body Pump
04/28 - 2.75 mile hike
04/29 - 2 mile walk
04/30 - 2.5 mile walk
05/01 - 90 minute bike ride
05/02 - 4 mile trail run

Until later.............


Julie said...

That was a darn good Spike story. Loved it! Loved the pics, too!

Pigeon said...

That was so cute!!

A dog and his stick, so much better then a ball....right????

Looks like a great hike.

Joanie said...

Incredible! That brought tears to my eyes! I love dogs!

jen said...

Yay Spike! I love that story and he looks so happy to be out hiking. Very cool.

Belated congrats on your amazing bike races last month! Sounds so fun.

Lily on the Road said...

Welcome back indeed Spike! Love the stick, do you think he could have found a bigger one?

So glad that you are going to be able to visit with them alot, bet Boomer is ecstatic!

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