Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am *such* a Mom

I met Aron Saturday morning at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton for our bike ride.  We both had places to go later in the day so we arranged to meet and be ready to roll by 8:00 a.m.  It was in the mid-50's and foggy.  AND COLD!  She didn't have a vest, just a jersey and arm warmers.  My first instinct was to offer up my vest to her but she seemed fine and didn't complain.  She does like the cold more than me.  And I think she's not much of a complainer. 

Calaveras Reservior level is going down

We left the mall and got onto Foothill.  We went through Pleasanton and then up Calaveras.  I kept an eye on her water bottles, they were staying pretty full.  She's not real comfortable taking her hands off the handlebars yet so I asked her to either drink water NOW, or we would have to pull over.  We had to pull over that time but she did drink TWICE while we were out.  I made sure she was eating every so often as well.  She took off ahead of me once we started climbing Calaveras.  Each turn, she got further and further ahead of me.  Until finally, she was out of sight.  That's okay though, she's not comfortable on the downhill portions yet.  LOL  If we saw one cyclist that morning, we saw 100.  No lie.  There were so many people riding Calaveras that day.  Luckily, not a lot of cars travel that road.  We ended our ride at ~48 miles.  It was a great ride.  Aron kept a very good pace for us.  The last hill on Foothill, right before the mall snuck up on both of us.  Good thing it was at the end - I was toast!

Sara and Sterling joined our gym.  She wanted to join so she could go to the classes with me.  Yay!  Our first one together was yoga Monday.  She was a little nervous about all the people being there but I assured her they were paying no attention to her.  I had to work last night but she was going to join Keith.  Unfortunately she ended up working late so she didn't get to go.  She and Sterling both plan on joining us tonight for Camp24.  I've warned her that it is a tough class and she needs to go at her own pace and not worry about what other people are doing.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed she won't get discouraged. 

Yesterday I slept in (until 8:20) and then Boomer and I went out for a 4.25 mile trail run.  I went a little late and it got warm toward the end.  He's not a fan of the heat.  He was really slowing down between shady spots and stopping completely when he was in the shade.  When I got to my car I found out it was only 69 degrees.  He used to run with me when it was 80 degrees and above.  Not anymore it seems. 

This morning I took a friend from work on her very first trail run!  Leanne is an avid hiker and backpacker but has never tried running on the trails.  She told me she has been running a bit lately so I invited her to join me.  Since this was her fist time, I took her on a little 3.25 mile loop and she said she LOVED it.  Who can blame her, really?!  She did fantastic.  At one point I had to ask her if she was racing or something.  Holy crap, she was running fast.  I've never completed that loop so fast.  I will admit, it felt great.  I'm hoping she is hooked and will join me again.  ;)

Leanne leading the way

Tomorrow we are going into San Francisco to see if the Giants can beat the Chicago Cubs.  I'd better bring my down jacket!!

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/06 - 2.5 mile run, Yoga class
08/07 - 48 mile bike ride
08/08 - 3 mile walk
08/09 - 2 mile walk, Yoga class
08/10 - 4.25 mile trail run
08/11 - 3.25 mile trail run, "Camp24" class

Until later.............


Ewa said...

Seems you had a fantastic weekend inspiring your friends. This is so cool!
Speaking of cool, don't you just love the summer we are having in Bay Area? Not too hot but still sunny.
BTW,I totally envy your bike fitness.


Please send the cool weather to Louisville in about 2 weeks, would ya please????
Guess Lou (cubs coach) will be at the neighborhood halloween party this year... think?

Lisa said...

Husband is a HUGE cubs fan, so I'm hoping the Cubs win. Otherwise he gets cranky!

So nice of you to take Aaron under your wing while she's learning cycling. I wish I had someone to ride with that was like that (even now!)

Looney said...

Good job getting all of them out and moving!

Runners Fuel said...

Boomer is so cute!!

aron said...

wow i look tall in that pic!

thank you for being my cycling mom :) i REALLY appreciate it and love getting out there with you!!! so fun :)

trailmomma said...

I can't help but be so jealous of the beautiful trails and place you have so accessible to you!

Boomer is TOO darn cute!!!!

Great workouts for you lately!

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, good for you and great for Aron! Hey, I'm the mom of our group too!

You are getting some crazy weather there, we on the other hand are having the warmest, nicest (in my opinion) summer in ages.

Anonymous said...

cute pic girls! I know I have said this before, but I really would love to go for a ride with you girls! Now that my life is getting less chaotic hopefully I can join you soon :)

great workouts for the week!

audgepodge said...

OMG, you are so cute! I love how you were being a mom with Aron! I want to ride with you guys too! :D

Irene said...

Sometimes you just have to be the mom! It's nice. :)

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Anonymous said...
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