Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun at Lake Chabot

Keith and I went to a Giants day game last Thursday.  It was such a beautiful day.  I had packed all my warm stuff - scarf, gloves, jacket.  Ended up having to shed the two layers I had on and I wish I had worn shorts.  You never know with San Francisco weather.  Great game, by the way. 

Prior to leaving for the game, Boomer and I went out for a little trail run.  So many times I have entered Garin/Dry Creek this way and never noticed THIS tree.  My daughter had called, I was standing there talking on the phone and looked up.  Wow, what a gorgeous tree!

Pretty soon - FREE FOOD!

I worked hard at finding a riding partner for Saturday morning.  I probably asked six people and they all had other plans.  I had absolutely NO motivation to get on my bike that morning.  I wasted time, sitting around looking at the computer.  I finally got dressed and checked the air in my tires.  I finally filled up my water bottles, grabbed some fuel and put my bike in the car.  I had no idea where I was going.  I just didn't want to ride out from my house and end up doing a boring loop around Fremont.  I didn't want to ride through Niles Canyon alone so I drove to the Sunol train station.  After I parked and got out, it was windy and cold.  I had the clothes for it but oh boy, how I wanted to just get back in the car.  I got on my bike and rode away from the parking lot.  All I could do was 45 minutes.  Whoopie!  I think I drove longer than that.  A complete waste.  I just wasn't into it (alone).

Sunday was a whole different story.  I ran around Lake Chabot with Theresa.  I have not seen her since March or April so it was GREAT to see her and get a fun 8.5 mile run in. 

I loved every minute of it.  It is beautiful there, still lots of green.

Check out who we ran across:  The punk rock runner himself!!! 

I couldn't believe it.  He had driven from Tracy to run with a friend.  I asked him what he thought of our beautiful East Bay park and he said he thought it was great.  Then, off we went in our separate directions.  Nice to see you Ron!

After we finished running, we went into the cafe' at the marina so we could get Boomer his much deserved hamburger patty.  I'm pretty sure he knows this is the place he gets these because he never falls behind in the final couple of miles, like he usually does.

Theresa and I (mostly "I") had a plate of french fries.  Yummy!

As cute as Boomer looked, we didn't share with him (well, maybe a few)

I have received my surgery date for my bunionectomy.  October 1st.  Six weeks from Friday.  In case you're wondering, this is what will be removed.

I had an upset stomach this morning and I was overwhelmed with anxiety.  So much so that I have given myself a cold sore.  And a pimple has found its way to my forehead!  I am feeling better this afternoon though, after going to a Pilates class earlier.  I'm trying hard to derail negative thoughts and think of the positive outcome of the surgery.  Now there are two runs I want to do in September.  One is a half marathon (Mt. Diablo), one is a 15-miler (Angel Island).  Both trails, of course.  I will probably enjoy these runs more than any I have ever run before.  Don't you think?

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/12 - 3.5 mile trail run, 2 mile walk
08/13 - Yoga
08/14 - 45 minute bike ride, 1.5 mile walk
08/15 - 8.5 mile trail run
08/16 - 2 mile walk, Yoga

Until later.............


Lisa said...

Owww. That bunion looks painful. I'm sure the downtime from surgery will be difficult for you, but in the long run it will make life better for you to have those removed.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day for me. :-)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Hope you get the 2 races in before the surgery. That bunion is wild looking!

AshleyR said...

I love the twisty trees, so much character!

Ouch, that is quite the bunion! Makes my inflammed nerve seem pretty mild.

Looney said...

It has been awhile since I biked the Calaveras loop from Fremont. If the others won't go, you can always give a holler and I might join in. I like the smells along that route as fall kicks in.

jen said...

Great pictures of Chabot! I love that place. How funny to run into a friend there!

Youch on the bunion and good call on the surgery. I have a bunion too that is occasionally painful, but I know I have to keep my eye on it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with the surgery, I know a lot of us probably are! I know you'll be back out there before you know it. :)

Runners Fuel said...

You'll do just fine. Just relax and continue running. There's nothing you can do to change anything.

aron said...

OUCH! it's going to be a good thing, just imagine how much better all your favorite activities are going to feel!

lake chabot looks awesome, i really need to get out there one of these days soon!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Ouch! That looks painful!

Glad you have your upcoming races to look forward to before surgery.

I love all your pictures. You run in the prettiest places.

PunkRockRunner said...

It was so cool to run into you out on the trails (pun intended) and it’s definitely worth the drive to run around that lake. I’m trying to add more and more trail running into my schedule because it gets so boring running around my neighborhood (read, if you guys ever need more trail runners I’m game).

I finally got to meet Boomer the wonder dog!!

All the best,


Tricia said...

great pics,thanks for sharing!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

what a neat place to run! and how funny that sometimes stopping lets you see some things you normally just zip by

Katie A. said...

I love playing, "where's Boomer?" in the pics! I can't believe how green it is out there still! So pretty!

I can totally relate to not wanting to bike/run by myself - it is so hard to find motivation! Good luck over the next few weeks, I'm sure each run will be a gift :)

Irene said...

I always love your pictures!

The bunion surgery will be worth it! While you're recouping, throwing stuff is a good release, especially when you have dogs that love to play fetch!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I knew that you were doing your 30 minutes/day. I think it is so great that you have been doing it for this long. Well, actually you probably know that I think it is what should be considered normal everyday requirements for nearly everyone. So way to go actually doing it for almost 8 months!

Anonymous said...
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