Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, what do you know?!

My life has not come to an end in this first week off of running.  Shocked?  Me too!  No, not really.  I have been doing so many other things, I haven't even missed it.  Yet.  I still have a week to go.

I went to Garin twice this week to hike with Boomer and Bella.  Sara and Sterling have been working very long hours and I hate to think of Bella being alone all day so I usually end up picking her up and taking her out with us.  It's warming up slightly here in the Bay Area and the hills are dry and brown.

The blackberries are beginning to ripen.  I like to eat them right off the plants.  They're so delicious!

Yesterday after I left Garin I was craving another one of my green smoothies so I stopped at my favorite little fruit/vegetable stand and the owner was kind enough to cut me two fresh heads of romaine lettuce.  This is enough for two salads and two smoothies, I'm sure of it.

Bella sits in the front seat and leans against the seat back, just like a person.  She was pretty exhausted this particular day. 

Today I went on a very enjoyable 40 mile bike ride with Stephanie from REI and her sister Michelle.  We met at the Sunol Train Station, went up Foothill to Castlewood and then up to Pleasanton and out to Livermore toward Del Valle.  We kept a nice pace of ~16 mph.  We had some rolling hills, a few short, steep ones and a strong wind at times.  I pushed hard up a couple of the steep hills because I could see the top and knew I could.  I feel like I got a great work out but I didn't feel like I needed a two hour nap when I came home (like I do when I ride with the bony-ass boys).  I think I have found a great riding partner in Stephanie.  I just hope she feels the same way.  I won't give up on the bony-ass boys completely though.  They do make me push myself to the limit and I need that to get better too. 

It was a little awkward when we met in the train station parking lot because the Fremont Freewheelers were meeting there this morning at the SAME TIME.  Quite a few of them rolled over to say good morning to me and I had to tell them I wasn't riding with them.  When the three of us pulled away, a bunch of them pointed and shouted out smart remarks to us.  Everyone, including us, laughed.

"MED2010" Accountability:
06/20 - "24SET" class, 2 mile walk
06/21 - 5 mile hike
06/22 - Pilates class
06/23 - 3.5 mile hike, "CAMP24" class
06/24 - 40 mile bike ride, "24LIFT" class

Until later.............


Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Let's here it for cycling! Glad you are hardly missing running.
Gina just got a tune up this week and fresh, white handle bar tape. It is like she is brand new!
Yes keep riding with the boney ass boys they will make you faster.

I did one sprint during a ride yesterday with woman from the bike shop who is a CAT2 racer. She is blazing fast. I need to try adding some sprints into my rides more often.

Dan said...

Hey Jo Lynn

It's good to hear you are dealing well with not running. I've been NOT running for six weeks because of an ITB problem so I understand how you can be missing it. Hang in there.

My, what a nice looking pair (of lettuce) you have! ;-)

Lily on the Road said...

It is great that you have so many other sports to fall back on yet still have time to enjoy your trails. (I'm sure Bella and Boomer like the hikes just as much as the run).

Katie A. said...

I love the picture of Boomer and Bella! I'm such a sucker for them ;)
Nice job on the ride! Ari and I went mt. biking in Tahoe and we struggled to keep up 14-15! LOL! I'm so impressed with you!

Lisa said...

Glad you haven't had time to miss running yet. that's a good thing. :-)

Looney said...

It will get toasty riding out towards Del Valle soon. Do you ever ride towards Woodside and La Canada road?

Glenn Jones said...

I can see your hills are taking the same color as ours are down here in SoCal.

Adn, umm, lettuce in smoothies? I was going to ask one until I saw that line....

Way to keep your feet and body moving JoLynn!

Stuart said...

Your hills are starting to look like ours?!

I might be up there for Headlands, will you be around?