Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have heard those dreaded words, yet again, from a doctor:  You just need to stop running.  I looked at her and said, "you *can't* just say that!"  She told me that's the only way it's going to get better. 

What is IT, you ask?  Tendinitis on the bottom of my foot.  I have flat feet which has caused bunions on both of my feet.  The right one is a lot worse that the left one.  The tendinitis is on the metatarsal bone, under my right foot and is extremely painful when it flares up.  It is aggravated by my running, especially on flat surfaces.  So, I am to take a week or two off from running and when I start up again - STAY OFF FLAT SURFACES!  In other words, stick to the beautiful parks I love to run in anyway.  I will admit I have been lazy lately with my running and doing a lot of it along the Alameda Creek Trail, which is flat. 

This is not the end of world for me.  I can manage this.  Yes, running is my first love but I am able to do so many other activities right now that not running for a couple weeks is not going to take me into a deep depression like last year.

It is also becoming more apparent that a bunionectomy is in my very near future.  This I'm not thrilled about.  This scares me.  Have any of you had this surgery or know someone that has?

Earlier this week I went on a bike ride with a fellow FEMALE employee, Stephanie.  She had never been up Calaveras Road before so that is where I took her.  It's about 30 miles round trip with some steady climbing and fun rollers.  She did great, and she loved the ride.  Hopefully I can get her to go out with me more often.  It would be nice to have female company to ride with.  After the 60 miles in Lake Tahoe, this ride was a breeze this time.  I still remember the first time I rode Calaveras - I was in my granny gear on all the climbs.  Not this time.  ;)

Keith and I went to Pebble Beach to watch a U.S. Open practice round.  It was cold and overcast all day.  But any day at Pebble Beach is a beautiful day!

I have a new favorite golfer.  I don't remember his name but I certainly won't forget his face.  I just call him "cutie-pie". 

I have given up on the "3 miles/day for the 30 days of June" challenge.  I had three different days already where I couldn't fit it in so I'm throwing in the towel on that one.  If I only had to do the three miles per day, that wouldn't be a problem.  But when I'm riding 60 miles around Lake Tahoe or 30 miles locally then have to go to work right after, I didn't have the time to do three miles on my feet. 

I'm loving the Green Smoothie Challenge!  Yes, I even had one when I got home from Tahoe last weekend.  I am actually craving the greens.  When I wake up in the morning I start thinking about what mixture I'll do that day.  I didn't start this challenge to lose weight, but I have lost almost four pounds since June 1.  I feel less bloated and more lean. 

And last but not least - my "Move Every Day in 2010" challenge is still going strong.

"MED2010" Accountability:
06/12 - 4 mile walk
06/13 - 60 mile bike ride
06/14 - 3 mile walk
06/15 - 5 hours walking @ Pebble Beach
06/16 - 2 mile run, 30 mile bike ride
06/17 - 2 mile walk, "24LIFT" class
06/18 - 4 mile walk
06/19 - Yoga class, Turbo Kick Box class, 2 mile walk (Super Saturday!)

Until later.............



Pebble Beach?? LUCKEEEEEE!! I have been to the Masters about 5 times but never to the Open.

Biking does the trick too you know..

Tricia said...


great pics!

Kristi said...

I have some long rides coming up and I'd love some company if you're available. :)

Sorry about the foot....I know it sucks being sidelined. But let it heal up and you'll be back at it in no time!

Looney said...

That was quite an order:

"You are only to run on the MOST scenic trails ..."

Hope you heal up soon. Quarry Lakes has warmed up a lot.

Lisa said...

Arggh. It's not good when they tell us not to do the thing we love. But you're creative enough to keep busy for a few weeks without running, I know that much!

Char said...

I sometimes wish that doctors had this magical elixir that could heal running injuries instead of insisting that time was the best cure.

Kristen said...

Take care of your foot - hopefully it will heal quickly!

Irene said...

Oh maaaaan! I hope the tendinitis goes away! Take care and enjoy the rides!

René said...

So glad for cross-training!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

So sorry about being sidelined. =(

And Cutie Pie!? Heck yes! Wow! How have we not seen more of him? too much crap about Tiger...forget Tiger and his jerky drama, lets hear about Cutie Pie! Ha ha! ok, done.

Love the pics! I miss Pebble Beach so much! I lived in Monterey for a while and it just doesn't get much better than that.

Looks like you got some good workouts in! And awesome job not using the "granny gear"! That made me laugh because I'm pretty sure I have worn my granny gear out, is that even possible?

Glenn Jones said...

Darn it! What a shame that you'll be limited to running on those awful trails with their awful views and awful atomosphere.

Speaking of which, I need to change and go hit my awful trails for seven miles....

Stuart said...

ouch! I think my MIL had that done, let me know if you have any questions.

We had brunch at PB once, very nice!

aron said...

BOOO on the foot but hopefully a couple weeks off will do the trick.

now that I have a bike we have something else we can do together!!! we should plan a ride sometime soon - you can show me the ropes ;)

Katie A. said...

Oh no! So sorry about your poor feet :( But, like you said, you have lots of other activites keeping you super busy!
Nice job on the ride :)

inkskin said...

Aww, yikes! Well hopefully you will be busy enough that two weeks will go fast. At least you can look forward to those nice trails. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You have such a great outlook about the running break, but you proved the doctor's wrong last year, you will again :) You're getting stronger on the bike!! Great job girl!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I am liking your attitude! Sorry about your foot though. I had a massage Monday after my race and when the therapist (he was cutiepie too) hit my feet I was amazed at how tight everything was. Our feet need TLC!
Ellen is looking good! I just left Gina for a tune up last night. She needed post race pampering too.
Thanks for your congrats!

shannon said...

No running. To those of us that love to run, these two words could mean so many things, least of which is "no running".

Anonymous said...

ohhh what a cutie that golfer was! ;) So sorry you here about youre injury :( Take care of yourself and you'll be back on your feet before you know it!