Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princesses are ready to roll!

My Saturday Mount Hamilton ride got canceled (again) due to the road being closed because of snow.  The weather was sucky too, so the group I've been training with didn't get to have a final ride together that day.  Instead, we all went to our planned graduation party where we had pizza and cake.

Me and Erin

Sunday, Erin and I met up with two other girls for a nice 37-mile ride (with a lot of climbing) out of Sunol.  Three of us first went up Kilkare then joined up with the fourth one and went up Calaveras to the wall and back.  It was the first nice day we have had in a *long* time. 

Karen, Me, Erin & Kathryn
Calaveras Reservoir

This morning I rode up and over Palomares and back again with two girls from my group.  It was 20 miles but as locals know, it's a tough 20 miles.

Soraya, Me, Amy

What does this all mean?

Our main event is here!  We have all trained hard over the past 11 weeks.  We have hit milestones on some rides, climbed hills we'd never dreamed we could or would.  We rode in very cold temperatures and it's safe to say we never over-heated.  We learned how to ride in a pace line, how to draft and conserve our energy.  We know to point out hazards and how to communicate everything from a car coming in either direction to if we're slowing, stopping or rolling.  Many friendships have been formed and future rides together have already been planned and paid for.

Altamont/Patterson Pass ride, March 10

Cinderella Challenge, 2011 - here we come.  Saturday morning we will be meeting at 6:30 so we can all be ready to roll at 7:00.  Woohoo!  Wish us luck. 

"Med2011" Accountability:
03/23 - 45 minutes bike trainer, Body Pump class, 1.35 mile walk
03/24 - 60 minutes bike trainer
03/25 - 3 mile run
03/26 - 1 mile walk
03/27 - 1.25 mile walk, 37 mile bike ride, 1.5 mile walk
03/28 - 4 mile run, Body Pump class
03/29 - 1.65 mile walk, 1.5 mile walk
03/30 - 1 mile walk, Body Pump class, 2 mile run
03/31 - 20 mile bike ride

Until later.............


Kris said...

Have a fabulous ride! I'm sure you will do awesome! :)

Aron said...


Ewa said...

I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. And I am waiting for your report.
Enjoy. The weather forecast looks good.

trailturtle said...

Good luck, Jo Lynn. You're a veteran of the 50K run, so a century will be a piece of cake. Actually, that IS true as far as joints and muscles are concerned. Don't skimp on the fueling during the ride, and you will have a blast finishing. My first finish was exhilarating (it was ar Gunn HS--Sequoia Century circa 1984).
Wish we could have connected this last trip, but I understand the cycling goals plus the awful weather and the get away thing--I'm glad you got to do that mid-week.. Take lots of pics & have fun! Ann

The Green Girl said...

I love the cake!

Good luck, girl! Can't wait to read the report.