Sunday, March 13, 2011

80 mile Cinderella Challenge training ride - Mines Road, Livermore

Wow.  What a ride.  The most challenging ride I have ever done.

Yesterday, nine other princesses in training and I rode 80 miles, 60 of it was Mines Road to The Junction Cafe.  Please, click on the link and check out the elevation profile.  Tell me if you think it looks crazy or what!  This profile may be just beyond the Cafe, but you get the point. 

I was nervous about this ride.  I've never ridden 80 miles before! 

The ride started off fine, until 1.5 miles in.  We were driving on a residential street in Pleasanton, in a pretty tight line.  A man in a little SUV pulled up to the curb ahead of us and opened his door, right into one of our front riders.  She went flying off her bike, into the street.  It was a terrible sounding crash and was followed by screams from the other riders.  He said he didn't even look before he opened his door to get out.  She landed in the middle of the street, thank God there wasn't another car coming up the street that could have hit her.  The impact cracked her helmet.  Erin was right behind her and actually ran over her bike.  We called 911 and her husband.  The fire department came, as well as the police.  A police report was filed and everyone was interviewed.  She denied transportation to the hospital but promised to have her husband take her to the ER right away.  The good news is she was able to walk and talk.  After that, we were all a little on edge, to say the least. 

It took a while for all of us to get to The Junction Cafe.  I couldn't have been happier to get off that saddle.  That was a TON of non-stop pedaling to get that 40 miles done.  I grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of corn chips.  It wasn't a lot but I think it was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the ride.  After the first HUGE climb coming back, there was a bit more down hill portions this direction so it was a *little* easier.  We took turns pulling each other on the hills and some of the flat parts.  Teamwork at its best.  We are such a great group of ladies!

Erin and I after refueling at The Junction Cafe

After driving home, I took a hot lavender scented bath and ate an entire black bean and cheese burrito from Chipotle.  Both things were much deserved. 

Erin feeling so good at the finish!

Next week?  Mount Hamilton - all the way to the top.  Bring it on!


Iris said...

Nice job! I'm out looking for a road bike this weekend. Any good suggestions?

Julie said...

Great job on your VERY long ride! That is too scary about the bike accident. I am totally paranoid about someone opening up a door on me!

Erin didn't hurt her bike riding over the downed one?

Kris said...

Very impressive. You are already a princess in my book! A tough, tough princess!

Scary about the crash. These are the things I worry about when out riding. All it takes is someone in the car not paying attention. Hope she is okay.

jen said...

Awesome ride! You all did great, and you absolutely deserved that soak and burrito!

So glad your friend is OK, what a scary start to the day.

Karen said...

Wow...that sounds incredible! LOVE the picture!! :0)

René said...

Good job! Sounds like a great ride, except for one of the riders getting doored. How can someone NOT notice a peloton of fine ladies riding their bikes in broad daylight?!

trailturtle said...

Mt. Hamilton is a GREAT climb. Hope you get a nice day weather wise. Beautiful views. (We've ridden up when there is snow at the top--we even learned to bring one of those plug in swizzle sticks and made hot chocolate on the floor of the observatory with people looking at us in wonder (and also envious!). If you start at the bottom near Alum Rock Parck, the climb will seem to go on forever, though. The big rollers near the bottom can wear you out before you even get to the main climb, so take it easy. I recommended Hamilton way back when you first started biking--so now you're finally doing it--have fun!
I also LOVE Mt. Diablo. It's probably a bit steeper for the last 5 miles, though; it's my favorite of the mountain top climbs.

Aron said...

you are amazing!!! Great job and YES that chipotle was much deserved.. YUM.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

After that accident I would have been freaked out! Glad to hear she was okay and the rest of you completed the ride safely.

Stuart said...

So scary glad to hear no major injuries!

Awesome hilly ride!

Tara said...

glad no one was majorly hurt!

and awesome job on the hilly long ride!

Ewa said...

Scary start but sounds like a great ride after. I can't possibly imagine what my girl parts would say after a long ride like that.
And yes, elevation profile looks crazy.

The Green Girl said...

That is a crazy start. I would have been really shaken up, too.

I'm glad you still were able to get in a good ride.

PunkRockRunner said...

I Love that ride.

Well done,


Jogging with Fiction said...

holy cow! you're hard core! awesome ride