Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tour de REI 100k

Bright and early Saturday morning I made the two hour drive up to Sacramento with Scott and his girlfriend. Scott and I were two of five people from the Fremont REI store doing this ride. The Sacramento REI store hosted the ride which took us to the Roseville store then the Folsom store. We arrived at 8:30, we were supposped to roll by 9:00. While we were putting on our gloves and helmets, we looked at the large group of local riders in front of the store and suddenly they were rolling. It was 8:52!!! We had route sheets but being in a strange city holding a piece of paper with street names on it isn't all that helpful. Scott and I finished getting ready, hopped on our bikes and tried like heck to catch up with someone. After taking a wrong turn, right off the bat, we were finally able to see a jersey in the distance so we felt better. By the time we got to the first store (17 miles), we were able to take a breather while we waited for the rest of the group to catch up. Each location had a nice "aid station" set up for us with liquids, fruit and muffins/bagels, etc.
Daniel (one of the bony-ass boys) and Scott (Master Shop Tech @ my store)

The second leg (17 miles) from Roseville to Folsom was pretty hilly. It had a few hard climbs. I stuck with Scott the best I could and he was so sweet - he was constantly checking to make sure I made it through lights and if I didn't, he would wait for me. Such a great kid!

The last leg was 27 miles, along the American River. It was a bike/running trail mostly lined by trees. Flat. No hills. BORING! I was getting pretty tired of just pedaling. By about mile 52 I was ready to get off my bike. It was hot too - 84 degrees. But, of course I finished. Right along side Scott. There was a big BBQ in the back of the store and they even had veggie burgers! We stuffed our faces with food and drink (and Oreo cookies) and were back home in Fremont by 4:30. Oh, and Ellen got quite a few compliments on her make-over.

I tried out my new "road" shoes yesterday. I never run on roads, I always run on dirt paths so I just call them my "flat running" shoes. Anyway, I am so happy to be running in Saucony's again. My store wasn't selling women's Saucony brand shoes until recently. They feel SO GOOD!

I worked 11-7:30 yesterday so Boomer and I got out early for a 5.5 mile run along the Alameda Creek Trail. Doesn't he look sleepy?

The running path is turning into a single track trail quickly, with all the rain we've been getting.

Today I didn't have to work and when I woke up the sun was shining bright. Boomer and I picked up Bella and went to Garin for a seven mile run. When I got back to my car, the first rain drop of the day hit my windshield. I LOVE when the rain holds off just long enough for me to get a run in. ;)

This single track trail is disappearing - it's so overgrown at Garin right now.

I've never seen a cow with this kind of pattern. So cute!

It's still a little muddy on the covered single track. Boomer sunk in at one point.

And then there were these cows!! They would not move out of the way and they actually threatened to come toward us. I had to put the dogs on a leash and hike up a hill and go completely around them. I tried to get them to move by tossing a stick into the middle of them and I accidently bonked one on the nose. I felt SO bad. I would never hurt an animal and I felt horrible that I actually hit one. He was the only one that moved away. I've never had that kind of trouble, especially when the dogs are with me. The cows usually scatter away when they see the dogs. Oh well.

We were almost back to the car and I saw something in the middle of the gravel road, I thought was a tarantula. Again, I put the dogs on a leash and quietly snuck by the dried up BANANA PEEL laying there. LOL The way it was laying, it looked just like a big, fat, hairy tarantula. I don't like spiders of any kind so to me it was freaky. Freaky, I tell you!!
"MED2010" Accountability:
05/13 - 2 mile walk, Pilates class
05/14 - Touring San Francisco, including a 2 mile hike on the Coastal Trail
05/15 - 62 mile bike ride
05/16 - (Two) 2 mile walks
05/17 - 2.5 mile run, 2 mile walk
05/18 - 5.5 mile run
05/19 - 7 mile trail run, "CAMP24" class

Until later.............


Char said...

That sounded like a tough and long ride. I can't believe it started early. I thought most events - running or cycling - always ran behind schedule.


Nice pics like usual..
Note: Looking at the shoes photo, doesn't it hurt with that stick jammed through your ankle????

Dan said...

Great photos. You need to work on your aim :-)

Ewa said...

Tarantulas are neat, trust me. What you need is to go to a Tarantula Picnic at Henry W Coe SP in Sept. They let you hold tarantulas. They are beautiful creatures. I used to fear them too. Not anymore.
Looks like you had a cool (of should I say hot) ride.
Great pictures, as always.

Looney said...

Wow! Sounds like you are half way to The Death Ride.

Katie A. said...

You are a rockstar on your bike! And in the heat - nice ride!
Boomer totally looks sleepy in that picture! He still had bags under his eyes - I love that one! And the muddy leg, so cute!
I'm done with the rain, is that bad? Wait, who am I talking to?! You're my fickle weather buddy!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all your workouts! That one run was quite the adventure with those scary cows and that tarantula! hehe Love Boomer's little muddy leg :)

RunningLaur said...

Sounds like you have a great camaraderie with some of the people you work with - and there isn't much that's better than that!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

What an awesome ride. I am with you on being in a strange place with a cue sheet- I still need help! LOL
You stepped up with the cow pictures. I PROMISE my next country-side ride I will get some Maryland cows photographed.
watch out for those spiders,,errr, banana peels.

aron said...

that ride sounds so fun!!!! i need a bike :)

love all the cows! i hate hate hate spiders so i would have freaked too! cant wait to see you in a couple days :)

trailmomma said...

I heard all about that ride from my friend who works at the Sacramento REI! How funny. That "boring" section is my usual running route and the first half the American River 50 Miler. Yes, boring indeed!

RoadBunner said...

I love how you refer to your road shoes differently. I'm of the road running ilk so would call trail running shoes by a special name :) My "road shoes" are just plain old running shoes to me.

Marathon Maritza said...

Great ride, girl!!!

I love Sauconys, they are my BFF, so I'm glad yours are working out! I have to get out on the trails with you soon, I'm gonna try to come on Saturday but Danica is in town and she'll have to be game too. Take care!

Rad Runner said...

How fun! Great post, its funny you say road shoes, thats all I run in :) The streets :) Are you running the S.F. full or 1/2 this summer?
-Rad Runner

Kristen said...

Awesome ride!! I am headed up to Folsom Saturday to ride to work on my hills.

I love all the Boomer pics! Wish my pups could run with me.

Love that you saw all the cows!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great job on the ride, Jo Lynn, and awesome pics as always! I wear Saucony 'flat running' shoes too! ;) Love 'em. Have a great weekend :)

Stuart said...

Nice ride, but yes the flat is..well...flat!

Never go to Holland!

jen said...

Great job on the ride! That's so nice that your friend stuck with you- riding buddies are the best. Sounds like a really fun day.

Great pics as always. Those trails look fun. I remember the cows and they can be stubborn! So glad that wasn't actually a tarantula. Ewww! I'm highly afraid of spiders. Shudder.

Keep up the great work! And enjoy the nice weather- we have winter-like rain and temps here, so I am jealous! Have a great weekend.

Southbaygirl said...

Dont feel bad about bonking the cow with the stick! Having had Velcro in with Cows herding-they have a VERY MEAN kick and can and could really hurt a dog!! And some are "aggressive"-I saw a cow charge a cattle dog please dont feel bad...

Judi said...

the ride sounds great. i am so so glad you took to it. cycling suits you.

Glenn Jones said...

It must be soooo cooool working for a company dedicated to the outdoors. My only problem is that every last penny I earn would be plowed right back into gear. That place is dangerous for me!

EdwardG_Burrell1016 said...
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