Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New things

Ellen got a make-over!! Green handle bar wrap and cable housing.

I went riding Saturday morning with a deaf woman. I met her at REI - she was shopping for cycling stuff and we started "talking." She sent me a text and we set up a date. She does read lips, that helps. But it doesn't help a ton when she's literally FLYING through Niles Canyon and I'm trying to tell her to turn right to access Foothill Road!! Oh my gawd - I thought my lungs were going to fly up out of my throat, trying to keep up with her. I like riding fast, no doubt about it, but being forced to ride fast is a different story. LOL
When we stopped so I could give her directions (catch my breath), I said, man are you fast! She then informed me, yes, I love to ride fast and also to climb hills. I'm training to be on a women's speed cycling team. REALLY!?! Interesting. 30 miles with rolling hills, I have never completed so fast.

After I got home (and collapsed), I got ready for a day at Great America. Sara and I went to see six different Christian Rock groups perform. Well, in all honesty, I went to see six different Christian Rock groups perform and Sara was kind enough to accompany me.
Going to a concert is not *new* to me but this is, an unfinished funnel cake. If you've known me long enough, you know I can shovel large amounts of sweets into my body without a problem. But on this day, the funnel cake won.

This is the reason Sara doesn't particularly enjoy going to these concerts. People stand up and hold their hands up and sway back and forth while they close their eyes. Yes they do, it's called "worshiping".

The weather has been unfavorable here in the bay area for outside activities so my Mother's Day plans of going to San Francisco to visit Coit Tower with my family had to be postponed. It's okay, I had a great day anyway. Both girls took me to breakfast, Sara and I went to church and Keith, Sara and Sterling took me to a nice dinner. I met my Mom for a sushi lunch on Monday. She's so damn busy, I was lucky to get a date with her so close to Mother's Day. I think last year I had to wait two weeks.
I didn't get to run on Monday and there's no cardio classes at the gym so I tried something *new*. I went to a yoga class! Other than feeling like I was "warming up" for a cardio class, I did like it. A LOT! Ooooooh, were my abs sore yesterday.
I have to work tonight and I won't be able to go to my regular class at the gym so I went to a *new* class at noon. It was Boot Camp. It was a very good class with lots of weights. I am sure I will be cursing Vince tomorrow as I climb up Palomeras Road on my bike with one of the bony-ass boys.
"MED2010" Accountability:
05/07 - 2 mile walk
05/08 - 29 mile bike ride
05/09 - 2 mile walk
05/10 - 2 mile walk, Yoga class
05/11 - 5 mile run
05/12 - Boot Camp class
Until later.............


nrmrvrk said...

Who makes that handlebar tape? I have a really hard time finding green tape to match my bike other than the Bianchi Celeste Green tape which wouldn't match at all.

Jo Lynn said...

My shop tech ordered special from J&B Supply. ;)


Note to self: If riding with a deaf person who doesn't know where to go..... ride faster.

Thanks for the tip..

René said...

ooh, now you need a matching jersey to go with the green tape :-)

Looney said...

Looks like you should have included the worship time in your "MED2010" Accountability log! Aerobics? ;-)

Jo Lynn said...

I received one, as a gift for Mother's Day, Rene'. ;)

Ewa said...

Ellen looks very pretty. :)
My deaf friend got cochlear implants last year and our lives got so much easier and definitely less frustrating for both of us.

Anonymous said...
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Mel-2nd Chances said...

Pretty new bike tape!! Awesome! Funny about the ride, but sounds like it was a fun one! :)

Judi said...

hey hey! i have lime green tape and we just bought lime green cable housing too! rock it!

Katie A. said...

Love the new green accessories :0 They will make you faster, I'm sure of it!
Glad your Mother's Day turned out great! Now we can enjoy some nice weather for a while!!!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I like the new tape! Ellen looks good! Gina is needing new tape, haven't decided what color would best compliment her orange. I may just go with white once again.

chris mcpeake said...

cool tape job

Glenn Jones said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day JoLynn!

Stuart said...

Slippery green!

Looking fast!