Saturday, April 17, 2010

Staying Active and Happy!

I remember the days when I would blog a lot more than once a week! I guess if I slowed down a little bit, I could blog more.

I'm not sure it's worth it. LOL

I was able to run with Lauren and her kids before she moved to Texas. We met Tuesday afternoon, the day before the movers came to pack up her house. It was nice to see them one more time but also sad. I hate goodbyes. I wish them a lot of luck. For those local readers, this is another NUMMI family leaving the area.

When we all got to the parking lot, Lori and Mikey got out of their car and the dogs started running around. We were all chatting and getting ready to take off when suddenly I realized Boomer was nowhere to be seen. I called him and whistled for him. I kept listening but didn't hear his collar at all. I started looking toward the street and in different parts of the parking lot, thinking maybe he was going potty or something. After a few minutes, I passed by Lori's car and there he was - he was sitting in the passenger seat of her car, just looking at me. Lori (who has two young children) says, "well, he knows there's lots of food in those seats!" Sheesh!

Lori, Lauren, Sue, Me. Huck & Helen up front.
Friday morning, I overslept and didn't make it to my 9:00 to 10:30 class. OOPS! Keith had gone golfing early and I had to be at work at 1:00. I looked at Boomer and said, we're going to go play! We took off and headed for the hills for a run. Neither of us could have been happier about this.

Garin was just beautiful that day. I took one of my normal routes, but did it in reverse.

A different time of day, a different direction - the same places take on a whole new look.

Yes, I run in a place this beautiful! How could you stay away from running if this was where you ran? Not easily!!

This morning Ellen and I met up with the Fremont Freewheelers for a 40 mile ride. We started in Niles and did the canyon, Calaveras into Milpitas, and Mission back. Over 30 people showed up, all different speeds. We stopped for a coffee break in Milpitas, where I had a protein shake. Including the coffee stop, we were out for a little over 3.5 hours. I was very happy with the pace and minimal regrouping today.
I decided before climbing Calaveras that I was not going to shift into my smallest ring today. I just pretended it wasn't there. I pedaled hard, stood up when I needed to and just kept moving. I never used my "granny gear". I was so proud of myself. Sometimes it was hard, but I did it. And, I wasn't in the back of the pack either!

This is a Bald Eagle's nest, on top of the tower. There is a family in there right now. A bunch of people were parked up on Calaveras with big cameras taking photos. You could see the white tops of their heads. It was such a treat to see this. If you enlarge the photo, you can see them too!

Here is a very FULL Calaveras Reservoir. Another treat to see, here in the Bay Area - a full reservoir.

Tomorrow morning I am joining some friends for a Blogger Meet-Up Run. Some people I know but there's going to be some new ones too! Should be fun.

"MED2010" Accountability:
04/12 - "Step 'N' Sculpt" class, 2 mile walk
04/13 - 4.5 mile run, "24SET" class
04/14 - 2 mile walk, "CAMP24" class
04/15 - "24SET" class
04/16 - 4 mile trail run
04/17 - 40 mile bike ride

Until later.............


Ewa said...

Good going on your bike. I am slowly getting my bike legs back. I used to bike more but then running took over. Anyway, I know the feeling when I can stay in a high gear and power the way up the hill. Good going.
You have one naughty though awfully cute dog.

Lisa said...

I agree, much better to be out living life (and being happy) than spending time blogging about it every day. :-)

Lovely lovely pics

Tricia said...

great pics!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Beautiful workout. You have such an amazing place to workout in.

Great pictures. Love the braids too!

René said...

Amazing photos. What a great place to spend the day!

Aka Alice said...

NoCal in the spring is just beautiful (yes, it always is...but when the hills are green? just priceless).

You are a busy girl!

Looney said...

Looks like I will need to go take my camera and bike Caleveras road to get some pictures too. Thanks so much for the pics of home.

jen said...

What a beautiful trail! I love all your photos.

I rode up Caleveras a couple times before I moved and it was BRUTAL. I can't imagine not using the little ring? You're nuts!!!

Anonymous said...
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Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Always great pics! And great workouts! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful scenery for both your run and bike ride this past week! It was great seeing you this weekend as well :)

Stuart said...

Wowser that's green...and so the later winter continues more rain this week they say!

And here's to playing, we all need more of that!

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! Who knew it could be so green in California? And that field of wildflowers! Wow!

Nice to see that some of our reservoirs are filling up too. We need a couple more winters like this past one and we'd probably be almost back to normal water wise...

Irene said...

WOW. That is all. :)