Monday, February 22, 2010

Some updates

This first update is SO exciting to me. Most of you remember me doing my little triathlon last September, but for those new followers, you can read about it here: Single Track Junkie: See Jane Run's Triathlon 2009 Report. Anyway, I was notified last night of a new comment on my blog post regarding the rescued woman from that event. This is what the nice lady said:

"This is amazing to see... i am actually sitting with the "rescued woman" in my living room right now. She is my mother in law...we are all so moved to see the incredible response, prayers and support so many strangers have given her. Thank you for caring so much. We are grateful to have her here with us now!"

The next update is about the "no show" at the Show N Go I went to a couple of weeks ago. The president from the Fremont Freewheelers emailed me with an apology but unfortunately, no explanation. Not his fault though. He explained to me about the Show N Go's and how there isn't really a "leader". If more than two people show up, then they decide where to go. There's no email list either. So, it was just one of those days that nobody else felt like going for a ride. I was going to try again last week but I picked up a shift at work instead. I will definitely give them another chance.

Keith and I planned a little get away this past weekend, with some friends. We went to South Lake Tahoe and stayed here:

It was right at the bottom of Heavenly Ski Resort, where the Gondola takes you up mountain. It takes you STRAIGHT UP the mountain. Great view but kind of scary really.

I haven't been to Heavenly for well over 20 years. You can get some spectacular views of the lake, on a clear day. In this picture, you can see the day started off with blue skies.

It was VERY COLD up there. You can see I'm even using the chin strap on my helmet to try and keep my chin warm. The wind was blowing pretty hard.

Our friends, Brian and Cheryl:

Then, THIS came in and it started snowing and got even colder. A couple of runs after lunch and then I was done! I can't stand being cold. Hate it!

We were going to drive to Sierra-At-Tahoe on the way home and ski there Sunday but the weather didn't improve at all. It snowed a lot more Saturday night and on Sunday it was supposed to continue so we packed up and left for home at 10:30.
The Bay Area is expecting a lot of rain this week so when I woke up this morning, I knew it would be wise to get a run in. My plan was to run six miles. As soon as I started to run, I knew I was in trouble. Each leg felt SO heavy, with each step. I was having trouble running 1/2 mile without stopping. Seriously! I'm not sure if it was the box of powdered donuts I ate yesterday, or the heavy Mexican dinner I had Saturday night but I felt awful. Ugh! I walked/ran three miles total. I did discover this little gem of a trail which made me smile.

Some days are just better than others, right? I'm usually ready to run, no matter what but today it felt like a chore. Not every day is perfect.
MED2010 Accountability:
02/18 - 2.5 mile run, "24SET" class
02/19 - 3 mile run
02/20 - 4 hours of skiing
02/21 - 1 mile walk (I know, pretty weak!)
02/22 - 3 mile run
Until later.............


Dave said...

Thanks for always posting great pics....absolutely beautiful....

Ewa said...

Haven't been to Heavenly yet. I am pretty new at that ski thing so for now we are sticking to familiar runs at Northstar since we got season passes. I love the pictures you posted. Makes me think that next year maybe we'll try Heavenly.
And that running trail you discovered, lovely. We are lucky in Bay Area to have those.

aron said...

the only place (the one time i have gone) i have snowboarded is heavenly :) its sooo pretty up there! that hotel is where we stayed at for our wedding too! yay tahoe!

ohhh that is a pretty trail you found! i am sure the legs were just tired from the skiing and everything else, those days happen.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Beautiful photos! It looks Heavenly!

Pretty trail. Sking = heavy legs, maybe.

Missy said...

What a great time! You have so many beautiful places at your disposal, enjoy it. Great pics, as always.

Katie A. said...

My hubbs and I snowboard a ton, but we have given up on Heavenly - it's just too crowded. But it is sooo pretty! Lucky lady!
I can guarantee your legs were tired from skiing. I am done with snowboarding for the season because I a.) don't want to risk injury for Boston, and b.) my legs always feel dead even after one day! So chalk it up to that! Good job on getting out there!

That trail is pretty! The trail me and Sarah went on runs from South San Jose to Morgan Hill - it begins in Hellyer Park. About a 15-20 mile trail. Woul love for you to come run with me :) Have a good week!

Jill said...

Great beautiful! Looks like you had a great time.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Oh I miss skiing in California. When I was little we often went to Sugar Bowl (i think that is the name). I remember staying in some other places around Lake Tahoe. LOVELY!


nice pics.
Makes me want to go skiing..
maybe next year.

HappyTrails said...

Your pictures, are, well, Heavenly!
Really love the shots of the beautiful singletrack!!! Also love the fact that you have lovely blue skies and GREEN grass (everything by us is still brown). Thank you for sharing!

Looney said...

Good choice for a hotel. Looks like the same Marriott Resort I chose a few months back!

Glenn Jones said...

Great pictures JoLynn!

That hating the cold busines gets worse with age. I can remember in college skiing in 10 below weather and loving it. Now if I head in to the lodge for lunch, good luck getting me back out on the slopes if it's colder than 40 outside!

Beautiful pics of Heavenly. I've never skiied there - just can't make it past Mammoth!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow that looks like a great trip. I WILL be finding the trails this summer and taking lots and lots of pictures for you. Your posts totally inspire me to get in the woods.. No pavement, no problem :)

inkskin said...

Im in Socal and I have yet to get to Tahoe. It is on my list for the hopefully near future though. Great pictures, makes me want to go even more!