Monday, February 1, 2010

I "Moved Every Day" in January!!

First, I will account for the last five days of January:

01/27 - SKI for six hours! The snow was phenomenal, just perfect. AND, there was a ton of it. We had a great day skiing with a big group of Fremont REI peeps.

01/28 - walk 3.5 miles, "24SET" class at the gym
01/29 - "24SET" class at the gym
01/30 - run 6.32 miles, walk 2 miles
01/31 - bike 23 miles
So, January has come and gone and I was ONE BUSY LITTLE GIRL!!

Ellen (my bike) & I rode 55 miles together

Running: 40 miles

Walking: 31.5 miles

10 classes at the gym

Hiking: 7.5 miles

Skiing: 3 days

I am shocked at how much exercise I did in 31 days. Just from making it a point to Move Every Day in 2010!

Throughout the month, people have commented they were going to try to do this too. I'm curious now, as the first month of the year is over - did any of you Move Every Day?

Until later.............


Dave said...

Oh girl...I got three kids under the age of 9....yeah...I moved everyday....not counting my crazy training schedule...;-)

Anne said...

Wow! Very impressive. You are definitely a training junkie :)


LUCKY!! Skiing..... did I say LUCKY?? !!
Rubbing it in huh??
I'm moving..not sure of the direction.

Lisa said...

great job moving every day! woot! very creatively, too. :-)

Kim said...

Very impressive indeed! Beautiful winter shots too!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Awesome! You are inspiring! Your snow looks so much prettier than our snow!

RunningLaur said...

I love this idea of move every day - and you showed that it can be fun, varied and healthy!

Glenn Jones said...

Nice pics JoLynn. Where is that? Alpine Meadows? As a Southern Californian I get to Mammoth, but not to Tahoe very often. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like great powder!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Way to go on meeting your 'moving' goals!!! You rock! Love the pics of the snow, so beautiful!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Great job on the variety of ways you moved it every day in January!

I came very close to "moving" everyday. I may have missed one day right after taking my son to basic training. Next month I will make no excuses!!

Judi said...

those ski pix are awesome. i totally sucked at it!!