Friday, December 4, 2009

Update on Spike!

Jana left a comment on my post about Spike's injury. Knowing that most of you probably won't go back and look at that post, I want to post it here.

Jana says:

"Wow!! Thanks everybody for the warm wishes and thoughts!! I am very glad to have had JoLynn with me, she really saved the day. Spike is doing great, the hardest part is keeping him calm so he doesn't rip out his staples."

I actually saw Spike outside last night, in front of his house. If he didn't have the big cone on his head, you wouldn't know he was injured so badly a week ago.


Lily on the Road said...

Thanks for the update on Spike, JoLynn & Jana I'm so glad to hear that he is on his way to a speedy recovery!

Missy said...

Oh, sweet puppy! So glad he's doing better.

René said...

good news!

Lisa said...


Mel-2nd Chances said...

awww, thanks for the update, glad he's doing better!