Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Golf Tournament - Jamaica post #2

I guess you have to get up pretty damn early in Jamaica if you want to stay safe while "jogging."

My favorite number is 13 and look, they named the hole after ME!

Bethany, Gary, Me, Keith

This is the biggest tree I've ever seen!

My hard-ass hubby. LOL
Keith, our caddie Sophia, Me

This was our fourth year participating in the Sandals Select Golf Tournament. We didn't win, come in second, or even third. I lost my title as "long drive champion" for the ladies. Yup, we played pretty crappy. I could give you a ton of excuses but I won't. ;) It's okay though because we got to play two rounds with Gary and Bethany from New Mexico and they became quite good friends by the end of our trip. The golf is free when you stay at Sandals Resorts but a caddie is required. It's actually kind of cool because when else am I going to have someone clean my ball and get my clubs out of the bag for me AND tell me exactly where my ball should go?


RunningLaur said...

Pretty cool - it sounds like it's a sweet job for the caddy too, that they are required to be paid! Supporting the locals in a tourist town is always great.

Ted said...

Great pictures !!! It looks like a perfect place for me to go this winter.

Lily on the Road said...


Oz Runner said...

golf and the beach, now that is my kind of vacation..