Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Life Is Good" Giveaway!

Would you like this HUGE Life Is Good tote bag?


I have had one heck of a year!  I have shared with you, very openly, about the good and bad happenings in my life.  You all have helped me through some pretty tough stuff and for this I will be forever grateful.

As the year comes to a close, I am in a pretty good place in my life.  I wake up every day feeling blessed to have my family, my friends, and my health.  As corny as that sounds, it's true.  Today I feel my Life Is Good! 

Now, back to the giveaway.  How much use could you get out of a tote this big?  Think of how much stuff it could hold for you.  Probably an entire weekend of clothes for a little getaway or camping trip.  It would be a great bag for the beach or to serve as a "drop bag" at your next ultra!  It's the perfect "carry on" size for your next plane trip too. 

It's very simple.  I have learned A LOT about myself this year.  All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me one thing you learned about me this year by reading my blog.

That's it.  Pretty easy, eh?  I will accept entries through midnight on December 13th and will pull a number out of the bag on the 14th.  Thank you and good luck!

Until later.............


Lisa said...

I learned the most talking to you Face to face in your living room.

But before that, I learned the that you & I have some similar struggles and coping mechanisms (getting outside especially on trails is a very good thing). :-)

Julie said...

I haven't known you long but I know you love your dog and spending time on the trail with your dog...and in my book, that makes you a very good person. Very very good :-)

Life IS good!

Tara said...

I have learned that you're one strong woman! Glad we've had the opportunity to meet this year in person and get to enjoy some fun times together :)

Jana said...

I learned that you were going to have toe surgery! I like your blog because it keeps me informed when I am away:)

RunningLaur said...

Through your blog I've learned of your great personal strength. You've persevered with such grace, it's truly and inspiration.
Through the fantastic fortune of meeting you in person, I've learned of your wonderful sense of curiosity and excitement. It was such a joy to spend time with you on the trails, and am looking forward to hopefully doing it again!

Katie A. said...

Since we already went to corny town, I feel I can stay there and tell you this: I think you are one of the strongest people I know, and your ability to face all your own obstacles and come out the other side with a smile on your face and an appreciation for it all, that you are truly amazing and I'm so glad I can call you friend.
More than anything, even without winning the bag, I love to come back and see the pics of you and Boomer running through Garin or some other beautiful single track ;)
Have a great week lady!

Missy said...

You and Boomer and Dave (Adventure Continues) are the three that inspired me to run a trail...does that count? I don't get to do it a lot but I always think of you guys. Especially Boomer;) He always is smiling.

I'm ready for 2010 to be over. While Life is Good NOW, it's just been kinda sketchy, too much of a roller coaster.

Ewa said...

I find inspiration in how you bravely overcome whatever life throws your way. You are one strong and very special lady.
I also take note of the trails you are doing hoping to visit them one day too.

Irene said...

Cool bag!

I've learned that you run in some of the most beautiful places! I've also learned that you have a lot of determination. Yes, you've been through plenty this year, but you've come through it all with a wonderful outlook and that big smile! I'm glad I've gotten to know you through your blog and I hope to meet you someday soon.

Runners Fuel said...

Awesome bag! I have learned that Boomer is a great running buddy (and such a cute dog)!!!

aron said...

You know I love bags!!!!

I have learned that you are one tough woman. You have your flaws like we all do, but you are able to take them into your control and learn from them and become stronger from them. You are an incredible wife, mother and friend and I am happy that I get to call you mine :)

I guess thats more than one thing :)

Lauren said...

I wonder if Huck would fit in that bag? ;)

I've missed seeing you on the trail and at the store since we moved. :( From reading your blog this year I've learned that you are a supportive and awesome mom. I don't think I ever met your daughter, but I know she's a lucky girl!

Jilligan said...

I have learned so much from reading your blog. Not just about you but about myself. I have tried to teach my kids that everyone we meet has some sort of struggle they are dealing with on a daily basis. The way we are treated and the way we treat others is often due to this struggle. You are a perfect example that I use often to illustrate this lesson. You were kind enough to share your struggle with us through your blog and to show that people can make it through the things they are facing.

But at the same time, I think you needed a break from that role. I am most proud to learn from you that it's okay to take a break from life and give back to ourselves every once in a while.


K said...

You have a 24 year old daughter.. which is totally amazing since you look about 30 yourself.

Pigeon said...

I have learned that you are a strong passionate woman who loves her family and Boomer and trail running. You have some awesome trails that you run on!!!!