Monday, November 22, 2010

Change is coming

I feel frumpy.  I feel sluggish.  I feel like I look old.  Why?  Because I have continued to eat my candy and desserts while stopping any and all cardiovascular exercise over the last seven weeks.  Even though the scale only admits a two pound gain, my body feels like a ten pound gain.

What am I doing about it?

Last Monday I cleared out my pantry of all things bad for me.  Yes, the 90% off Halloween candy I had just purchased went to the break room at work.  The Girl Scout candies and nuts?  To the break room they went!  I started eating the way I'm supposed to eat, cooking my healthy meals, and saying no to sweets and "extras."  As many of you know, when I say I'm going to do something I do it.  I would like to lose a total of ten pounds.  In 2007 I lost 25 pounds on Nutrisystem and kept within five pounds of that weight for at least two years.  Over the last year I have slowly added a pound here and there.  Some have left, and some have remained.  I want to get back to that "net 25" pound loss.  So that's what I'm going to do.  It will get much easier when I can start doing classes at the gym and running also. 

I'm sure my "feeling frumpy" is mainly due to my limited footwear choices.  Some of you may think it would be fun to wear sandals everywhere you go but I'm not talking about sexy, strappy sandals.  I'm talking about these chunky Chaco sandals:

I miss wearing my cute shoes and being able to choose which ones would match the outfit I put on.  I just have to be patient and hang on a few more weeks until a regular shoe fits comfortably and doesn't irritate my incision. 

Alright.  Enough complaining.  Onto some good stuff. 

Last week I got to meet a Blogger friend face-to-face.  Lauren was in the Bay Area for business and asked if I could meet up with her for an early morning hike.  She was staying in Walnut Creek so I picked a park near her hotel.  Boomer and I hit the road at 5:30 a.m. for the hour drive north to meet Lauren at 6:30.  I had originally said to meet at Diablo Foothills Park but when I got there the gates were closed.  I went back down the road and saw a sign for Borges Ranch - 3/4 mile off the main road.  I sent Lauren a text and she found me.  We hiked around for a little over an hour.  I had never been to this park.  I thought it was beautiful and the views were awesome. 

She had to head up north for work so she didn't have a ton of time.  It was fun chatting with her and getting to know more about her.  My list of 20-something-year-old friends just keeps growing.  I love it!  Keeps me young, I think.  Lauren said she will be up in the Bay Area more often so hopefully next time I can take her running on the trails.

I was able to go for a 3.5 mile walk this morning along the Alameda Creek Trail.  But then I worked an eight hour shift and tonight my foot is swollen.  I probably should spread the time of my feet out a little bit more than that.  Live and learn.

Until later.............


Char said...

Having young friends definitely keeps you young. Having older friends allows you to see what lies ahead. So I like to keep a selection of both.


A good plan is always necessary around this time of year.... I think I am going to use the exercise overload plan. I will start on Turkey day with a 50 miler or so.... then the events later won't make me feel guilty..

Ewa said...

With your youthful attitude, no wonder you have a lot of young friends.
I need to lose weight too and gosh, this is a difficult time of year to do so. My body is certain it needs to prepare for hibernation or something.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Julie said...

That looks like a beautiful hike! Your pictures made me feel like I was there. I could almost smell it...feel the air.

Glenn Jones said...

Hey hey hey! I like those Chaco sandals! I have a pair in my closet waiting for warm weather again!

Lisa said...

Your foot looks great. Those photos from the new hiking spot look nice too.

You can definitely lose weight if you put your mind to it. One of my other hints is to take it one day at a time and try to make a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day if you want to lose a pound per week. Adjust from there to lose it at a different rate.

Stuart said...

Hey at least you have an excuse for wearing sandals!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Gorgeous pictures. How fun to meet up with someone new to hike with.

Anonymous said...

For the record you don't look frumpy at all! I don't know how you're getting by with sandals on my toes are always freezing these days!